GD Goenka Public School, SaritaVihar believes in equipping its students with skills which will enable them to effectively contribute to the society and make them responsible citizens of tomorrow. The school therefore aims to widen the horizons of learning for its students by offering them various clubs of which they can be a part of.

These clubs apart from enriching the curriculum boost the self-esteem of the students and also motivate them to achieve more since they are trained to succeed in different fields. The school allows the students to choose from the nine clubs being offered, in accordance to their aptitude and interest.

The clubs are as follows:

  •  Dhwani Club(Music)-
    The students are taught the fundamentals of the musical instruments and encouraged to be trained in playing both, Indian and Western musical instruments. They also are taught to learn the rhythm and intonations of the same.

  •  Think And Ink Club(Editorial)-
    The school has constituted the Think And Ink Clubto focus on effective communication and expression both in Hindi and English The primary activity of this club is to create an interest among children for reading and writing. As part of this club, the students are encouraged to hone their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the two languages.

     Sanskriti Club(Heritage)-
    To promote awareness and inculcate a respect for diversity, tolerance, mutual understanding for heritage of different countries the Heritage club has been initiated. Since Heritage comprises languages, festivals, performing arts of various cultures and countries, therefore Dance has also been incorporated in the same.

  •  Nrityakala Club (Dance)-
    Students in this club are taught to move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures. The importance of this non-verbal form of communication is emphasized at a great length. Involvement of flexibility and body movements help children in keeping themselves fit. Various forms of dance are being harped at in the club.

     Prakriti Club (Eco Club)-
    The students are invited to be a part of this club to inspire them to show respect towards the environment.The main aim of this club is to sensitize students towards Eco– Awareness, maintenance of greenery around the school by various Plantation drive programmes, making best out of waste, the use of plastic, conservation of water, keeping the surroundings clean and green etc. Eco Club is actively involved in promoting environment related issues such as judicial use of paper and planting trees.

  •  Akriti Club (Art)-
    Akriti club promotes free thinking among students which helps them to produce aesthetic and vivid objects environments or experiences. Activities like sketching, colouring, painting, craft, paper folding, tie and dye, batik, stitching are described elaborately.

  •  Fitbit Club(Health and Hygiene) -
    The activities in this club focus on creating awareness regarding various aspects that contribute to the health and wellbeing of an individual , such as ‘Knowing Your Body’, ‘Showing Safe , Responsible and Healthy Behaviour’. The students are taught about healthy eating, exercise, yoga and other facets related to Health and Hygiene.

  •  Abhinay Club(Theatre)-
    Theatre is a powerful medium to develop expression, confidence and teamwork. Not only does it help one to release stress but also helps to convey powerful messages to the society at large. The students are trained to master the basics of this performing art.

  •  The Robonauts Club(Robotics)-
    Robotics introduces students to knowledge, concepts, and skills that are needed for understanding the intelligent information-based technology of the future. It engages students in complex, strategic problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills. Students create robots ranging for the simple Motorized robot to the complex ones using their logical reasoning, motor skills and creativity.